Lack of Leadership Presence & Clinical Directors.

We have more highly trained upper level staff in buildings than any of our competition.

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We are structured to invest leadership time in your building

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Clinical Services Position

We created Director of Clinical Services positions to enhance clinical outcomes focused on balancing operational knowledge, clinical excellence, and teaching; this position is vital to the success of our rehab program.

Area Director Visits

Area Directors are accountable for the strategic planning, implementation and direction of the rehab program.

Area Directors complete a detailed checklist each month.

  • Checklist
    The Rehab room and the Office are clutter and odor free
  • Checklist
    The staff are observed greeting families and visitors
  • Checklist
    All Employees are abiding by the Dress Code

Virtual and
in-person visits

On-Site Leadership

Every customer building has a Rehab Director and an Assistant Rehab Director to interact with facility staff to ensure consistent leadership and communication.

Ongoing Training

Leadership Exploration and Development

ASCEND Program

We promote from within and provide a leadership track for staff who are interested in career advancement. Our Ascend Developing Leader Program allows employees the opportunity to be effective leaders within our company, with meaningful mentorship.

Rehab Director Meetings

Three times a year we bring our RD’s together for updates on regulations, best practices, and leadership skills.

Comprehensive Advanced Rehab Director Training

New rehab directors come to home office for the advanced training needed to run their rehab programs at Consonus’ high level of expectation.


Our staff, including Rehab and Assistant Rehab Directors are highly trained to assist your facility in implementing strategy and direction to your Rehab program.