The true cost of pharmacy is about much more than the price of the pills. When a pharmacy provider executes well, it improves quality of care and reduces costs. When they don’t, costs sky rocket, compliance is at risk, nurses are mired in paperwork and follow up phone calls, residents are on too many medications, and patient safety is compromised. Consonus Pharmacy understands this and aligns our services to create a partnership that goes beyond the pills.

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I can’t get my head around all the details that go into managing medication costs.

Consonus has systems, resources and experts to partner on this.

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My staff has to work way too hard to get medications for patients.

We will get you what you want, when you need it, with minimal effort by your staff. We believe you should keep them focused on patient care.

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Is my medication management system efficient and safe? I’m worried my errors are too high and I’m risking compliance and patient safety. I need support from a nurse consultant.   

We have Nurse Consultants that assist in streamlining your med pass with proven training programs and protocols, putting patient safety first.

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How can my consultant pharmacist help me improve outcomes and reduce the overall cost of care?

We have a team of Certified Geriatric Pharmacists who are specialized in medication strategies for seniors.

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How can Consonus’ technology help my staff be more efficient and keep my patients safe?

At Consonus, we believe when technology is used right it enables your staff to be more effective and efficient in delivering care.

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My pharmacy only provides pills but I want a strategic partner that understands my business and is passionate about seniors.

Consonus Pharmacy understands your strategic operations and we've aligned our service capabilities to help you succeed.

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Switching pharmacies is daunting, overwhelming and too much work.

Consonus manages this transition every step of the way to make it a positive experience for you. We have thought through the details so you don’t have to.

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How can my pharmacy help me through a pandemic?

We keep you informed of ongoing updates, support, tools, and best practices to help navigate the pandemic.

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