I can’t get my head around all the details that go into managing medication costs.

Consonus has systems, resources and experts to collaborate and simplify pharmacy costs.

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It starts with managing your acuity

Accuracy & transparency

Connect Rx allows you to produce real-time drug quotes thereby understanding the financial impact of an admission. Our experts conduct on-site trainings to educate your staff on the financial implications of medications.

clinical services

Our Consultant Pharmacists actively manage patient medication profiles and give you the tools to monitor the implementation of these recommendations.

physician response to pharmacist recommendations

our clinical experts are armed with the ability to:

  • Checklist

    Discontinue inappropriate medications

  • Checklist

    Propose alternate medications

  • Checklist

    Collaborate on your clinical initiatives

monitor & advocate

a team of insurance experts advocate for your residents

Our insurance experts take the burden off of you and represents your residents’ best interest on billing and insurance issues.

You are assigned a dedicated billing representative

Your representative will monitor costs, answer questions and help you understand your bills

flexible authorization strategies

We put you in control of your own costs (and your destiny)

With Automated Approval you set your price limits and preferences for advance notification.

If Under $$$, Send Medication

If Over $$$, Advance Approval Required

If Over $$$, Send Medication and Notify


We have dedicated systems to navigate Pharmacy billing.