So you can help your residents live better, healthier, fuller lives.

Consonus Health

Operating for over 30 years, Consonus provides rehab, pharmacy, and consulting services in over 700 facilities nation-wide. Most recently, Community Pharmacy joined the Consonus Healthcare family, expanding the pharmacy’s geographic footprint to serve 50,000 seniors in eight states. But what makes Consonus truly unique is that we are run and led by a 5th generation nursing home administrator. Consonus’ parent company, Marquis, owns and operates 25 post-acute and assisted living services and an I-SNP, AgeRight Care Management Solutions. This intimate facility insight allows Consonus to view your facility from the same lens you do.

Consonus leadership is intentionally chosen because they are not only leaders in their field but they are experts in health care reform. They have their eye on improving their areas of focus all the while understanding the role it plays in the larger picture. They are the innovators who are working nationally to ensure that facilities who are working smarter will survive and thrive. Meet them.