Rick Jackson

Vice-President of Sales at Consonus Healthcare


As Vice-President of Sales at Consonus Healthcare, Rick Jackson draws upon over three decades of sales acumen that fuels his passion for connecting with long-term care leaders, providing tailored solutions to address compliance and outcome challenges. Exemplifying the power, courage, passion, and love in both his professional endeavors and personal pursuits, Rick is looking forward to connecting with you today.


Rick Jackson is the Vice President of Sales at Consonus Healthcare, bringing over 30 years of sales expertise to his role. His journey in sales began with Sterling Business Forms and later ventured into big pharmacy with Wyeth Ayerst. After a fulfilling tenure in education, coaching at his high school alma mater, Rick pursued his passion for winemaking, establishing Two Hawk Vineyard and Winery in Southern Oregon. In 2019, guided by a series of serendipitous events, Rick joined Consonus Healthcare, eager for the next big challenge.

At Consonus Healthcare, Rick’s primary responsibility is to connect with Long-Term Care leaders, offering solutions tailored to their needs. His keen understanding of the industry enables him to assist LTC communities facing compliance or outcome challenges, ultimately ensuring residents receive the care they deserve.

Rick holds a BA in Business Administration from Azusa Pacific University and enjoys spending his leisure time with his two daughters, Jordan and McKenzie, and playing tennis, golf, and pickleball. An adventurous spirit, Rick has even participated in the Baja 1000 race. Beyond work and play, Rick is dedicated to giving back to the community, actively involved with charities like Hosea Youth Services and Campus Life.