How can Consonus’ technology help my staff be more efficient and keep my patients safe.

At Consonus, we believe when technology is used appropriately it enables your staff to be more effective and efficient in delivering care.

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Our e-Pharmacy Team Approach

We have technology tools that allow us to connect to you and you to connect to others.

Connected Pharmacy

an e-Pharmacy team working for you

Staffed with industry experts, the ePharmacy team has more connected ALFs than any other independent pharmacy. We know eMAR and can connect with all market leading EHR software providers for SNFs. The two way data interchange enables resident Admission, Discharge, and Transfer (ADT), and medication orders to transmit between a long term care facility and pharmacy.


Why connect your EHR with your pharmacy provider?

  • Increased staff efficiency
  • Reduced medication errors
  • Improved medication management monitoring
  • Improved patient safety and care
  • Simplified reporting

know where you stand

We put the power in your hands with the Consonus exclusive eMAR Health Check. The health check leverages technology to monitor your medication management system.

we don’t just plug in your system & leave

Experienced eMAR specialists currently support over 200 connected facilities

eMAR certified Nurse Consultants are advisors, confidants, and trainers


We have deep expertise to leverage technology to deliver better patient care.