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Pharmacy Process & Procedure In-service
Do you have new staff on your team who may be unsure of how to best communicate with the pharmacy? Have team members had questions about ordering medications or when to expect them? Consonus’ Pharmacy Policy and Procedures course will increase your staff’s understanding and confidence around ordering medications, handling pharmacy deliveries, and communicating with your pharmacy team. We will go over tips that will help your community’s efficiency and save staff time on the phone looking for the status of an order. Allowing them more time for what is most important, caring for residents.
Assisted Living Facilities (ALFs)
Oregon ALF Pharmacy P&P In-service
Washington ALF Pharmacy P&P In-service
California ALF Pharmacy P&P In-service
Skilled Nursing Facilities (SNFs)
Oregon SNF Pharmacy P&P In-service
Washington SNF Pharmacy P&P In-service
California SNF Pharmacy P&P In-service
Continuing Education
Consonus Pharmacy is offering medication-related education to Medication Aides and Caregivers. Any facility staff are welcome to attend. Classes are FREE to all Consonus clients and a small fee for non-Consonus clients.
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