I don't understand how changing regulations and payment models will influence my patient outcomes or if we are even tracking them in a reliable and valid way.

Consonus can help you understand and prepare for changing regulations and payment models as well as educate you on the value of understanding the relationship between outcomes and costs. Consonus can track, manage and communicate both.

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Triple Aim

The influence that our industry has on the area of outcomes is just part of the overall transformation mandated in the Affordable Care Act.

White Paper

The American Health Care Association (AHCA) and the National Association for the Support of Long Term Care (NASL) were jointly engaged in a pilot study to validate several proprietary tools against the same functional mobility and self-care items included in the CMS Post-Acute Care Payment Reform Demonstration (PAC-PRD).

Quality Measures for changes in



Analyzing Data Graph Outcome

Using Section GG Consonus tracks patients' functional changes in Self-Care and Mobility tasks from admission to discharge. Maximizing this improvement while balancing costs is the true measurement of the VALUE of rehab. This information can be used to help determine appropriate lengths of stay, measure the effectiveness of clinical protocols and justify therapy delivery models.


All full/part time staff complete:

  • Hours of Training
  • Exams
  • Passing score
  • Re-credentialed

National Data Repository from Outcome Measures

View how our clinical data compares to the national average, based on the database of therapy EMRs and providers in the post-acute arena.

Episodic Project Summary

Now that we have Functional Outocme Data, we can ensure the quality of our clinical product while experimenting with operational practices under alternative payment models.

These are the levers we are adjusting‐

  • Checklist
    Gym Space – Reorganize the gym spaces using lean management concepts for improved efficiency.
  • Checklist
    Equipment – Review equipment needs and purchased additional equipment to facilitate group treatment models.
  • Checklist
    Documentation – Identifies best practice patterns to meet the requirements of a Managed Care payer while maintaining efficiency standards.
  • Checklist
    Rehab Aides – Supplemental non-skilled services using the Rehab Aide. Measuring effect on cost and outcomes.
  • Checklist
    Total Minutes Delivered – Comparing the relationship it has on outcomes and cost.
  • Checklist
    Rehab creates labor tracking for Rehab Aide to measure minutes delivered.
  • Checklist
    Managed Care Efficiency reports – This allows us to track the type of services delivered by individual patients under the specific Managed Care payer.
  • Checklist
    LOS – Able to compare the data by site, payer and diagnosis.
  • Checklist
    Internal cost reports allow us to measure our total Episodic Cost (filtered by facility, payer, and daignosis), Cost per day, and Outcomes Efficiency (cost per point of improvement on the CARE score).

Case Study

We were approached by a health network in WA to manage two DRGs (in 9 days), so we quickly developed a unique protocol to meet their needs. We categorized those patients in our system so we could deliver the outcome scores in a reporting format that could be delivered to payer sources.


Consonus can help you understand and prepare for changing regulations and payment models as well as educate you on the value of understanding the relationship between outcomes to costs.