Making your residents and your business stronger.
Your numbers are our numbers.

Why shouldn't I just go with the low cost provider?


Lack of Leadership Presence & Clinical Directors.


My provider’s strategies do not align with my values.

We have more highly trained upper level staff in buildings than any of our competition.

Consonus supports a culture of integrity and meaningful purpose.


I am faced with denials and I don’t have time or resources to deal with them.


It seems like my rehab department does the same thing with every patient. How can I make sure my residents are getting the best therapy possible?

Consonus has a comprehensive approach to denials. It starts with strong documentation and continues through any necessary appeal process. We’ve got you covered.

Consonus invests in ongoing training and support to ensure therapists provide evidence-based services.


It’s too hard to change rehab providers and creates too much work.

Consonus manages this transition every step of the way to make it a positive experience for you. We have thought through the details so you don’t have to.

How can my rehab provider help me navigate the future of healthcare reform?


We need help that goes beyond rehab to make sure our facility is working on continuous improvement and preparing for the future.


I don’t have the resources to keep up with what’s going on in the rehab industry and my provider isn’t helping me.

Consonus can provide you with consulting to improve patient and survey outcomes, quality indicators, and 5-Star ratings in order to engage in collaborative agreements and gain market share.

Consonus is nationally recognized as a future-forward leader in the rehab industry. We can inform you of best practices for today, while helping you plan for tomorrow.


I don’t understand how changing regulations and payment models will influence my outcomes or if we are even tracking outcome data correctly.

Consonus can help you understand and prepare for changing regulations and payment models as well as educate you on the value of understanding the relationship between outcomes and costs. Consonus can track, manage and communicate both.