How can my consultant pharmacist help me to improve outcomes and reduce the overall cost of care?

We have a team of Certified Geriatric Pharmacists who specialize in medication strategies for seniors.

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what is a certified geriatric pharmacist?

How a Certified Geriatric Pharmacist Can Help Reduce Risk for Medication-related Problems

A Certified Geriatric Pharmacist has passed a comprehensive examination to demonstrate knowledge and expertise in the use of medicines in older adults. This is a small elite group with a very specific area of expertise. Many older adults have complex medication regimens, involving multiple medications from multiple prescribers. In many cases, a caregiver (such as a relative) may be providing assistance with managing the medications. In these situations, a Certified Geriatric Pharmacist (CGP) is a valuable addition to the team. It’s about making sure each patient is on the right mediction, no more no less, for optimal health and cost of care.

The CGP can:

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    Partner with you and other health professionals to help ensure appropriate use of medications

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    Help evaluate benefits and risks of the medications

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    Answer questions about the medications

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    Recommend removal of unecessary medications

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what do they do?

Clinical Consulting

Our constant goal is to safely reduce and eliminate the use of potentially inappropriate medications. We treat each patient uniquely, and work to educate prescribers, nurses, care staff and family members on all the options.

Because we approach each patient situation uniquely, the goal to reduce meds should not be universally applied. We do, however, seek opportunity to reduce the use of high risk meds wherever possible.


Consonus partnered with a community organization and the staff at five ALF communities to dramatically reduce potentially inappropriate medications.


Partnered with a large Skilled Nursing Facility to implement best practice guidance from CMS, AHCA, AMDA, ASCP, and CDPH to reduce antipsychotic use from 17.3% to 7.5% in 24 months.


Our Certified Geriatric Pharmacists are specifically trained to improve care and reduce overall cost of care.