Baby Boomers Are Driving a New Revolution in Health Care

Baby Boomers Will Soon Make History as the Largest Population in the US and They Want a Fresh Approach to Health Care That Keeps Them Active, Independent and Aging Well — Right Where They Live

Consonus Healthcare answers their demands with AgeSTRONG — concierge, integrated wellness care, promoting vitality and following seniors wherever they live, and through each continuum of care.

PORTLAND, Ore. — (May 2022) — Aging is taking on a whole new shape for the activist generation that launched the nation’s wellness craze. The innovators – from fitness gurus Jane Fonda, 84; Richard Simmons, 73; and Denise Austin, 64, to farm-to-table foodie creator, Alice Waters, 78 – are still at it, teaching millions of people how to move, eat and live well. So, it’s no surprise these new seniors aren’t taking the aging process lying down. Literally.

Jean Austin is back to her active lifestyle thanks to AgeSTRONG Rehab Manager, Niharika “Niha” Bhargava.

The Growing Demands of 10,000 Baby Boomers Turning 65 Every Day

Meeting the demands of active seniors, Consonus Healthcare – a fifth generation provider of premier, geriatric pharmacy, rehabilitation therapy and consulting services for seniors in more than 600 facilities nationwide – is proud to introduce the AgeSTRONG wellness and rehabilitation plan.

“We’re in the midst of a new revolution of healthcare driven by baby boomers who are not only living longer, they’re telling us they want to age stronger. And our industry needs to listen,” says Vice President of Consonus Healthcare, Jonalyn Brown. “That’s why we created AgeSTRONG. This is a tailored, proactive approach to wellness that follows seniors through each stage of life, wherever they live and designed to keep them in the lifestyles they value: active, curious, independent and strong.”

AgeSTRONG’s Unique Blend of Clinical, Concierge and Wellness Programs
AgeSTRONG’s robust menu of custom wellness and rehabilitation services are rapidly being added to the latest trend in senior living — beautiful, campus-like settings where residents or visiting clients have easy access to all their health services. In just three months, AgeSTRONG has more than 100 clients across the country. Onsite, trusted AgeSTRONG teams deliver: health fairs; extensive vitality checklist screenings; fitness evaluations; educational seminars; group exercise classes; functional lifestyle activities; cognitive training; 1-to-1 fitness training to improve strength, flexibility and cardiovascular endurance; and occupational, physical and speech therapy. The goal here is keeping clients healthy and active.

AgeSTRONG also provides those rehabilitation therapies to clients when they travel to short stay skilled nursing or rehab facilities. The goal here is excellent outcomes, quickly returning clients to their healthy and active lives at home or back to their prior living situations.

Big Benefits and Outcomes for Clients and Facilities

  • Clients have one trusted, easily accessible source for medical needs and one health care record.
  • There is clear oversight, with health care teams and facilities all collaborating and focused on each clients’ individualized care.
  • Clients and facilities have access to other Consonus Healthcare services such as skilled rehab and the Company’s nationally recognized geriatric-certified pharmacy.
  • AgeSTRONG can further expand wellness services by weaving into the facilities’ other amenities: swimming pools, full-sized gyms, massage therapy, art and music studios and conference facilities.
  • AgeSTRONG is based on market analytics and a proven model from the Institute for Healthcare Improvement, John A. Hartford Foundation, American Hospital Association and the US Catholic Health Association. A Stanford Health Care study found that this model can result in: shorter non-surgical stays; lower mortality rates; faster time to achieving early care goals and regaining mobility; and greater patient experience.
  • The model focuses on four areas of wellness: what matters deeply to residents; retaining or regaining mobility; safeguarding against over-medication; and nurturing memories and mood.
  • Signing up for services is easy, fast and begins with a call to the doctor.
  • Medicare Part-B reimburses for 80% of outpatient therapy; a secondary insurance can be billed for the remainder.
  • Facilities enjoy Consonus Healthcare’s support with marketing, admissions, optimizing revenue, achieving quality outcomes, mitigating risk and creating happy, healthy clients.
  • AgeSTRONG’s services fill the gap for many facilities experiencing workforce shortages due to COVID and higher senior care demand.

Happy Clients Aging Strong
AgeSTRONG’s health care program has launched in four states –– Oregon, California, Texas and Arizona. Here is what a few of the many happy clients are saying:

“My goal in going to AgeSTRONG physical therapy with Niha was to make sure that I could return to my normal, active life with a fully functioning knee replacement,” said Jean Austin, AgeSTRONG client at Saratoga Retirement Community, in Saratoga, California. “Slowly, over time, I had lost a lot of mobility in my right knee and knew that having knee surgery was only part of the equation to restore me to my active life. Physical therapy was crucial and after finishing, I can now walk and swim without pain. I look forward to going back to yoga, gentle exercise classes — even hiking.”

“I really enjoyed my therapy and loved the fact I was able to go to therapy where I live!” says Francis Schauer at Mirabella ASU in Tempe, Arizona. “I enjoyed interacting with my therapists, Kayla and Claire and I’m grateful they were able to help me achieve my goals.”

Betty Dunham was considering a wheelchair, after a shoulder injury hampered her own self-care and mobility. She regained her vitality at AgeSTRONG Trinity Terrace in Fort Worth, Texas.

“AgeSTRONG’s occupational therapy reduced my pain, improved my range of motion and gave me the motivation and confidence to regain my independence!” said Dunham.

“I enjoyed the treatment I received with AgeSTRONG,” says Wilburn Love, also at Trinity Terrace. “The gym is always busy with smiling faces and therapists who really love helping us older people. Thanks to Matthew, Patti and Melissa, my balance has improved. I’m walking with more confidence. And I’m getting out of my apartment and doing more than I have in a long time!”

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About Consonus Healthcare
Part of the fifth generation, Marquis Companies, Consonus Healthcare has operated for 30 years, providing premier, pharmacy, rehabilitation therapy and consulting services for seniors. Those services include AgeSTRONG, a new blend of clinical, concierge and wellness programs proven to promote a vital life while aging in place. Based in Portland, Oregon, Consonus serves more than 600 facilities nationwide. For more information, visit

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