Vaccination Participation Rate Success

Far Outpacing New National CDC Numbers On Vaccination Participation, Marquis Senior Living Centers Vaccinate 90 Percent Of Residents, 82 Percent Of Staff––Finishing Weeks Ahead Of Other Providers

With Most of its Residents and Staff Vaccinated, Oregon’s Largest Provider of Senior Living Centers is Now Working With State and Federal Authorities on its “Road to Recovery”– How and When to Safely Lift Restrictions

PORTLAND, Ore. —  (February 9, 2021) — Marquis Companies raced to the national finish line with a flawlessly executed COVID-19 “Road to Recovery Plan,” vaccinating what may be an unprecedented number of residents and staff, and seeing its COVID cases plummet by 53 percent. Now the long-time advocate for senior care is working with state and federal authorities on when and how to lift restrictions on group dining, exercise, and rehab; visitations with family and friends; and transportation to appointments.

Marquis is a fifth generation owner and operator of 23 premier senior care centers in three states. With 20 facilities in Oregon, it is the state’s largest provider of senior care. Marquis completed all vaccinations on January 18––weeks ahead of other providers.

“We’ve reached another exciting and early milestone,” says Marquis Companies President and CEO Phil Fogg, who is also Vice-Chair of the American Health Care Association. “With most of our residents and staff now safely vaccinated, we’re collaborating with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Oregon Health Authority, the Governor’s Office and other agencies, on how and when we can safely resume pre-pandemic activities, and with what new protocols.”

Marquis’ Ed Johann and Director of Nursing, Jordan Stanley were among the nation’s first senior living care residents and staff members to receive the vaccine. COVID-19 Vaccine.

Marquis– The Exception to Low National Vaccination Participation Numbers

The national COVID-19 vaccine rollout has been fraught with delays, low participation and miscommunication. Just released data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) on vaccine participation among 11 thousand facilities nationwide, show the following: Just 38 percent of staff and 78 percent of residents accepted COVID-19 vaccines. This contrasts to Marquis, with 82 percent of staff and 90 percent of residents accepting the vaccines. According to the lead author of the study, Dr. Radhika Gharpure, this indicates there’s a lot more to do to boost confidence about the vaccines.

How Marquis Companies Raced Out of the Gate

“Three of the biggest reasons for our early finish and high registration are, broadly and consistently communicating the science behind the vaccine and why it’s safe; using our Company-owned CDC “trusted and approved provider” of the vaccine, Consonus Pharmacy; and having our incredible Marquis nurses administer the shots,” says Fogg.

Fogg is known for leading strategy-loving teams that are quick to pivot. As early as February 2020, they began working with state, regional and federal authorities, and launched an aggressive campaign to protect residents and staff. Key to the success, a transparent communication plan, sharing fact-based content about the vaccine, its efficacy, important dates, vaccination procedures, facts and questions, and always–––experts to talk with live, rather than a voice mail. The multi-lingual content was shared via emails, text alerts, website, phone calls, in-person by facility staff, and across all company social media channels.

Marquis’ Nurses and Company-Owned Consonus Pharmacy Helped Marquis Cross Finish Line

Unlike the retail pharmacies, which had to mobilize enough nurses and pharmacists to administer the vaccines, Marquis nurses were already in place. They trained with Marquis’ Consonus Pharmacy, a leading independent, long term care pharmacy (LTCP) chosen by the CDC as a “trusted and approved provider” of the vaccine. The CDC added Consonus Pharmacy after learning about the Company’s long history of advocating for seniors, expertly delivering certified geriatric services and its ability to operate with the logistical precision that’s critical for safe distribution. (Consonus Pharmacy partners with all Marquis facilities, but also serves as a pharmacy provider for other senior living centers.)

How Marquis is Working With Authorities on its “Road to Recovery”

  • Resuming group activities: Because of Marquis’ early finish, the Company is already advocating for a safe return, with new protocols, to group activities like dining and rehab.
  • Person-to-Person Visitations: Outdoor visitation is already available at Marquis facilities that have SafeLink, a plexiglass panel. Other COVID-19 visitation policies are dependent on state and federal regulation, and Marquis is actively engaged with those agencies to advocate for safe changes. Marquis is proposing permissions are given on an individual basis and subject to proof residents and family members are fully vaccinated. Antibody testing could also fast-track changes.
  • Transportation: By late February or early March, and if infection rates continue to plummet, Marquis hopes to resume personal transportation on a case-by-case basis and for residents and family members who have been vaccinated.
  • PPE: By summer, PPE restrictions from federal and state authorities may ease, making communicating a lot easier.

About Marquis Companies: Marquis Companies provide post-acute rehab, long term care, assisted living, home health care and memory care throughout its 23 facilities in Oregon, California and Nevada. The company is fifth generation, family owned and has operated for more than 30 years. Marquis Companies is passionate about promoting vitality in the lives of each client and staff member; treating the person, not the disease; and placing each individual’s choices and experiences at the forefront of his or her care.

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