Consonus Pharmacy Approved Provider of the COVID-19 Vaccine

US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Approves Consonus Pharmacy as Trusted Provider of the COVID-19 Vaccine to Long Term Care and Assisted Living Facilities

The CDC Acknowledges the Long Term Care Pharmacy Company’s 30 Years of Expertise and Unique Ability to Reach and Protect Vulnerable Seniors and Their Care Providers


PORTLAND, Ore. (December 2020) — Consonus Pharmacy, a leading independent, long term care pharmacy (LTCP) will help guide the nation in the safe distribution of the COVID-19 Vaccine.

The CDC added Consonus to the federal list of trusted providers after learning about the Company’s long history of advocating for seniors, expertly delivering high-touch pharmaceutical services, and its ability to operate with the logistical precision that’s critical for safe, effective distribution.

Each state with an active service site can now opt into the federal plan and choose Consonus Pharmacy as their vaccine provider. Oregon and Nevada and are the first to formally adopt the federal list and approve Consonus. Other approved providers include retail pharmacy giants, Walgreens and CVS and six other LTCPs.

ConsonusMobilized for Safety and Success

Consonus has mobilized its elite team of industry leaders in geriatric pharmacy, software technology, data analytics, and logistical operations to safely store, transport and administer what could be the most important vaccine in history. The Pfizer COVID-19 Vaccine has an expected 95 percent effective rate.

“Consonus is honored to be part of this life-saving mission, and we’re ready to roll as soon as we get the green light from the CDC and its Operation Warp Speed team,” says President of Consonus Pharmacy, Neil Marshall. “We’ve made additional investments in cold storage facilities, transportation and technology, and our CEO is committed to providing any additional resources needed. This is our worldpartnering with the people who live and work at our nation’s long term care facilities.”

The Independent, Long Term Care Pharmacy Advantage

LTCP’s are vastly different from hospital or retail pharmacies, going beyond just administering medications. Each medication is checked, barcoded, constantly tracked and monitored. Specially trained Board Certified Geriatric Pharmacists continuously assess for possible drug interactions, appropriate dosing for the senior population and can recommend changes to regimens, and Nurse Consultants develop and monitor medication management systems. This layered system of safeguards and personal care makes Consonus a preferred choice to administer the COVID-19 Vaccine.

Benefits of Choosing Consonus Pharmacy as Approved Provider of COVID Vaccine

  • Existing knowledge and trusted relationships inside the LTC facilities.
  • Nimble, with the ability to adapt to changing government rules.
  • Established delivery and service infrastructure versus large retailers which must create new distribution channels.
  • Integrated access to resident health records prior to and following administration of the vaccine makes it easy to collect and report data.
  • Business-to-business relationships between Consonus and LTC facilities are already in place for easy automation of data.
  • Established workflows will monitor and respond to any possible adverse event. Consonus’ Board Certified Geriatric Pharmacists are already engaged in monitoring patient health conditions, resulting in significantly better care and intensive tracking of vaccine outcomes.

“Along with our expertise in storing, tracking, handling and administering complex drugs and vaccines, we have what’s most importantthe trusted relationships earned only after years of advocating for the senior care community,” says Marshall. “Safely and effectively administering the COVID 19 Vaccine is just a natural extension of what we do and spotlights the importance of facilities partnering with trusted advisors and pharmacists.”

The Roll-Out

The Federal Drug Administration will review the vaccines from Pfizer on December 10 and Moderna on December 17. Once approved, the vaccines will be ready for shipping to Consonus within 48 hours. Consonus will provide cold storage for the vaccine; report required vaccination data to local, state, territorial and federal jurisdictions within 72 hours of administering each dose; and follow all Centers for Medicare and Medicaid COVID 19 operational standards. To administer the required two doses, Consonus will schedule and coordinate three on-site clinic visits, over approximately two months. The majority of residents and staff should be vaccinated by January 31.

More information on Consonus Pharmacy and how to become a partner facility, can be found here:

About Consonus Pharmacy

Consonus Pharmacy is part of Consonus Healthcare, a fifth generation Company that for 30 years has provided rehab, pharmacy and consulting services designed specifically for the long term care industry. Consonus Pharmacies provides services to 50,000 seniors in 600 skilled nursing and senior living communities, in eight states. The Company is led by fifth generation Marquis which owns and operates 23 post-acute and assisted living services and an I-SNP, AgeRight Care Management Services. 


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