Marquis Reaps Benefits from Own It, Do It Ourselves Approach

In a recent interview with Senior Housing News for their Transform podcast, Phil Fogg, CEO of Marquis Companies and Consonus Healthcare, focuses on the future of senior living and the benefit of Consonus Pharmacy as a CDC-approved provider of the COVID-19 vaccine. As AHCA vice-chair, he has unique insight into the future of the profession, and at Consonus, we’re able to share his visions with our customers. In this conversation, he shares advice for other providers making their way out of the Pandemic.

On the benefit of having senior housing and a health care pharmacy in the same company:

Our long-term care pharmacy division was one of only seven long-term care pharmacies in America to get the vaccine.

Again, the combined efforts of those pharmacy leaders being champions, and understanding how critical it was that a long-term care pharmacy that understood the population and the facilities would be the one to actually bring it to the facilities, as opposed to relying on a retail pharmacy — it was the driving force for us to say that we can get it to our buildings faster, we can get it to the buildings more effectively.

It wasn’t so much that the facilities benefited from the pharmacy, it was the pharmacy benefiting from the fact that it’s so closely aligned to a provider group that it gets the customer perspective every hour, every minute, every day. And that’s what enabled us to effect a distribution plan that got vaccinations started on December 21. We completed 50,000 vaccinations over the phase-one process. It was just a massive, massive team effort on [the part of] the pharmacy. For a long-term care pharmacy, when you don’t often see the faces of the customers, and then you go to a clinic and people are cheering, crying — it really reinforces the meaning or purpose of what they do.

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