Vaccinations at Sedro-Woolley Assisted Living Facility

Consonus Pharmacy vaccinated staff and residents at Country Meadow Village, a Village Concepts Assisted Living Facility.

Village Concepts partners with CDC-approved Consonus Healthcare for its 14 facilities in the state and the Consonus pharmacy provides residents with their pharmaceutical needs.

“We contacted them (Consonus Healthcare) and worked together to bring all these vaccines to our residents,” Foster said. “It has been a great relationship. They helped with a lot of the heavy lifting in regards to paperwork and we took care of that on our end while we provided the nurses and clinics within the communities.”

“It was a joyous day at Country Meadow Village, and my arm feels good,” program director David Bricka said.

In three weeks, Consonus Healthcare will return to Sedro-Woolley to administer the second dose of the vaccination, completing the two-shot program while also offering an initial dose to any new residents and employees. Those new individuals will get the final dose during a third visit.

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Laura Foster (front) vaccinates Colton Peach while Caroline Davis (back) vaccinates Sandra Jensen on Wednesday at Country Meadow Village in Sedro-Woolley.