Oregon Nursing Facilities Finish First Round of Vaccinations

OREGON, USA — Oregon-based Consonus Pharmacy arranged distribution and clinics through a federal vaccine program. According to Oregon Health Care Association (OHCA), there are 130 nursing facilities in Oregon, serving more than 8,500 residents and employing roughly 12,800 caregivers and staff.

As many other Oregonians wait for the vaccine, an interview from December by Marquis Companies/Consonus Pharmacy CEO Phil Fogg Jr. serves as a reminder that it’s still early.

“We’re gonna move from an environment where we’re allocating scarce resources to where we’re going to get plenty of vaccine to be able to give to the entire community,” Fogg said before the first vaccinations began in December.

“We’re hoping the entire sector…be complete by early March,” Bentley added. “[The vaccine] will also help many people return to a more normal state of being. Being able to see their loved ones again, and I know that’s something we’re all really looking forward to.”

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