Consonus Pharmacy Partners with AMDA & ASCP

Consonus Pharmacy Joins the National Drive to Deprescribe Initiative

Consonus Pharmacy is honored to be invited to join the National Drive to Prescribe initiative (D2D) developed by AMDA/ ASCP as one of the few Long Term Care Pharmacy providers. We are prepared to fully support this campaign that is committed to optimizing medication use in seniors. Medication safety and the transitions of care process has been an important initiative for Consonus pharmacy, and this campaign aligns well with our clinical focus. At Consonus Pharmacy, we believe in safely reducing and eliminating the use of potentially inappropriate medications.

What is Drive to Deprescribe (D2D)?

The issue of polypharmacy and inappropriate medication use in post-acute and long-term care (PALTC) has been an ongoing concern. The PALTC setting has one of the highest polypharmacy rates, which increases the risk for adverse events and drug interactions. The goal is 25% reduction of medication use while optimizing the medication regimen (in long-stay SNF residents). 

How Will Consonus Pharmacy Participate?

Older adults may be taking medications that were once advisable but have become problematic either because the person has developed adverse effects, or because their clinical conditions, overall health, and/or goals of care may have changed since the medication was first prescribed. Consonus pharmacists provide best practice recommendations to recommend discontinuation or safer alternative therapy while balancing the risk and benefit and the careful consideration of the individual resident’s goals and quality of life. Consonus Senior Care pharmacists have the expertise and can leverage their education that is unique to this discipline for the benefit of older residents entrusted to our care.

Best practice recommendations to discontinue potentially inappropriate medications or recommend alternatives are not new for Consonus pharmacists. This initiative expands the opportunity for us to work collaboratively and share strategies and resources with key stakeholders in LTC settings across the nation. Consonus will share aggregated data from participating chains and facilities with AMDA monthly to track key metrics to measure campaign success and areas of opportunity. The data shared will not be down to the chain or facility level.

Who Should Enroll and Why?

Why do this? The issue of polypharmacy and inappropriate medication use in older adults has been a national concern. High rates of medication use may increase the risk for adverse events, drug interactions and increases the risk for hospitalizations. Enrollment is open to facilities and chains and participation can include pharmacists, prescribers, DONs, CNOs, CMOs, CEOs and other key stakeholders in PALTC. Consonus is ready to assist facilities as their pharmacy partner.

Interested? Join the Drive to Describe.


AMDA Drive to Deprescribe