Consonus Pharmacy Launches Second Round of Vaccinations

Oregon’s Fifth Generation, Consonus Pharmacy is Far Ahead of Schedule to Vaccinate Seniors, Launches Second Round of COVID-19 Vaccinations Today, and Has Provided 40 Percent of the Vaccines to Oregonians 60 Years and Older 

The Family-Owned Pharmacy’s Unique Model Proves “Wildly Successful” in Protecting Residents and Staff in Senior Care Facilities, Registering 90 Percent of Seniors to Receive Vaccine; Consonus Pharmacy Expects Early Finish of its COVID-19 Vaccine Clinics

PORTLAND, Ore. (January 11, 2021) — With its trademark logistical precision and huge heart for seniors, one of the nation’s premier, independent long term care pharmacies is rapidly delivering the lifesaving COVID-19 Vaccine to residents and staff in senior care facilities.

Consonus Pharmacy’s speed, efficiency and care are also shining a national spotlight on how long term care pharmacies differ from retail pharmacies, and the unique ways they keep seniors safe. Consonus Pharmacy provides senior pharmaceutical services to 400 long term care facilities in four states. Twenty-five of the facilities are owned by its Oregon-based parent company, Marquis.

Second Round of COVID-19 Vaccines Begins Today

Consonus Pharmacy launches the second round of vaccines in Oregon, Washington and Nevada today, January 11. By February 21, the Company expects to administer both rounds of vaccines, to nearly 20 thousand seniors and their care providers, in 200 facilities, in Oregon, Washington and Nevada.

“Our Company has a five generation history of advocating for seniors, so this is all incredibly meaningful for us, and historically, just staggering to think about,” says Phil Fogg, President and CEO of Marquis Companies, which owns Consonus Pharmacy. “Lives will be saved. We’re moving fast, thanks to our partnership approach, our long term care pharmacy model, and the inspired focus of our team that’s passionate about saving our seniors.”

Consonus Pharmacy’s Unique Model and Why It’s Working

All CDC approved providers of the COVID-19 Vaccine are charged with safely storing the vaccine and reporting vaccination data to a myriad of government agencies.

But Long Term Care Pharmacies (LTCP) like Consonus, have a different model than retail pharmacies. LTCPs specialize in senior care services, with Board Certified Geriatric Pharmacists and Nurse Consultants who work inside the facilities to safely deliver, track and monitor all medications. LTCPs already have the trusted relationships, workflows, delivery and service infrastructure, integrated health records, and communication platforms critical to answering questions and encouraging people to register for the vaccine.

Here’s another big difference in Consonus Pharmacy’s model: Unlike the retail pharmacies, Consonus Pharmacy is not administering the vaccines. Consonus Pharmacy is working with the facilities’ nurses to give the shots, whereas the retail pharmacies are using their own nurses and pharmacists to go into the facilities and administer the vaccine. Due to a national shortage of nurses, staffing-up has taken time.

“Our model has been wildly successful,” says Neil Marshall, President of Consonus Pharmacy. “Our COVID-19 vaccination clinics are a natural extension of what we do, similar to how we administer the flu vaccine. Our world is inside the long term living facilities, which helped us quickly leap out of the gate.”

“Fighting an Invisible Monster”

Consonus Pharmacy’s efficiency has not gone unnoticed. Some facilities, like Josephine Care Community, in Stanwood, Washington, are asking to switch to Consonus Pharmacy. Stanwood sits in one of the worst hotbeds of COVID-19 in Washington state.

“I’m fighting an invisible monster here,” says Josephine Care Community CEO, Terry Robertson. “Getting the vaccine two to three weeks earlier from Consonus Pharmacy, well, that’s going to save lives, and save pain and suffering from people who would otherwise battle the virus. Consonus Pharmacy helped us quickly make the switch. The first clinic went great and we can’t wait for the second round.”

Data on Consonus Pharmacy’s Roll-out Success:

  • Consonus Pharmacy began first round of vaccinations in Oregon, Washington and Nevada, on December 21, seven days ahead of the retail pharmacies.
  • In Oregon, for example, as of January 6, nearly 12 thousand seniors were vaccinated, with Consonus Pharmacy providing 40 percent of the vaccines to seniors 60 years and older.
  • As of January 9, Consonus Pharmacy has administered vaccines to 11 thousand residents, at 140 facilities in Oregon, Washington and Nevada.
  • Consonus Pharmacy’s education campaign (constant communications across multiple platforms and multiple languages) with its partnering facilities has registered 90 percent of the residents and nearly 70 percent of staff to sign up for the vaccine.
  • Consonus Pharmacy’s communications with the CDC, Operation Warp Speed, state governors’ offices and state health agencies, keep participating facilities in-the-know.

Media can access a digital media kit today for video clips, pictures and interviews on the first and second round of Consonus Pharmacy’s vaccination clinics.

About Consonus Pharmacy

Consonus Pharmacy is part of Consonus Healthcare, a fifth generation Company that for 30 years has provided rehab, pharmacy and consulting services designed specifically for the long term care industry. Consonus Pharmacies provides services to 50,000 seniors in 600 skilled nursing and senior living communities, in eight states. The Company is led by fifth generation Marquis which owns and operates 23 post-acute and assisted living services and an I-SNP, AgeRight Care Management Services.

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