Canby Care Facilities Receive Covid Vaccinations

COVID Vaccinations in Canby

Marquis Companies — which manages an assisted living, rehab and memory care facility on the campus of the Hope Village Senior Living Community — announced this week that it was ahead of the game: offering the second round of vaccinations to residents and staff in Canby.

Consonus Pharmacy, which is also owned by Marquis and specializes in service to long-term care facilities, has been markedly more successful in administering the vaccine than other providers.

Consonus began administering the Covid-19 vaccine on Dec. 21 — one week before retail pharmacies — and has remained ahead of schedule. More than 40% of Oregonians over 60 who have been vaccinated received their shots from Consonus.

Consonus, which is also the pharmacy provider for Country Side and Rackleff, expects to administer both rounds of vaccinations to nearly 20,000 residents and staff members of long-term care facilities by Feb. 21, encompassing more than 200 facilities in Oregon, Washington and Nevada.

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