2020 Thanksgiving – Stay Small to Stay Safe

Small Sacrifices Prevent Tragedies

In a recent CNN report, AHCA President and CEO Mark Parkinson discussed record nursing home cases due to community spread. As we head into the holiday this week, the decision about family gatherings is weighing heavy, but the warnings are clear. If everyone makes small sacrifices this holiday, it may result in preventing more tragedies. Parkinson describes the landscape to CNN, “We are extremely concerned. Our worst nightmare has come true. The rapid increase in cases across the country has led to a rapid increase in cases in nursing homes”. He continues to offer strong advice to the public, “The decisions we all collectively make over the next four days will determine whether thousands of more people will die or whether we will make the small sacrifices that we need to keep them alive — it’s up to us.” Within Marquis and Consonus facilities, we’ve been focused on infection control but to Parkinson’s point, “even in facilities where they are doing everything that can be done, this virus is so contagious that even under the best infection control, we cannot keep it out.”

Stay Small to Stay Safe

Parkinson’s warning to the public comes at a pivotable time as we prepare for the Thanksgiving holiday weekend. His plea, “If we just do the right thing, wear masks, socially distance, make a few sacrifices, we can bring these numbers down. But if we don’t, there’s going to be more tragedies.” At Consonus, we’re choosing and encouraging staff to “Stay Small to Stay Safe” this holiday. We’re getting creative, avoiding large gatherings, and making the necessary sacrifices to protect the senior population. Join us in these efforts! Watch the video from our CEO, Phil Fogg about his plans this Thanksgiving to Stay Small to Stay Safe.

Vaccine on the Horizon

With a COVID-19 vaccine on the horizon, the question was posed in the CNN interview about what would happen if long term care facilities were not at the top of the priority list for vaccination distribution. Mark Parkinson responded, “It would be the worst public policy decision in the history of the country.” We know the vaccine will save lives. In fact, Parkinson claims, “it will cut deaths 30-40% overnight”. At Consonus, we are inspired by this new hope and we are doing everything in our power to ensure the senior population and long term care facility staff are the first to receive the vaccine. This is an ever-evolving and dynamic topic. Follow along as we share important vaccine information and answer your commonly asked questions. Then check back frequently as we post new updates routinely.

Watch the full CNN interview with Mark Parkinson