Vaccine Continuity Plan

Achieve a high vaccine participation rate by implementing a vaccine continuity plan

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COVID-19 vaccine clinics are complete. You may have reached a high vaccine participation rate or struggled with vaccine hesitancy. But now your resident population has discharged, you have daily new admits, and new staff hires…all unvaccinated. Now what? It is time to focus on achieving a high vaccine participation rate via a continuity program. We know that the COVID-19 vaccine is the most proven way to prevent outbreaks. With vaccine participation rates tied to family visitation, it’s important to keep rates high to increase resident quality of life.

Achieve a High Vaccine Continuity Plan, Picture of Staff Getting Vaccine

Shifting from Clinics to Dispensing Model

We’re moving away from the mobile clinics to dispensing model. Activated partner facilities can order vaccines from Consonus pharmacy to be delivered as part of their routine delivery. Consonus Pharmacy will provide the product, clinical guidance, and Vaccine Administration Software to plan and track your COVID vaccination activity. Consonus Pharmacy will also report vaccine activity to Federal IIS systems, and provide data to support facility reporting needs, including local jurisdiction requirements. It’s a simple 4-step process!

Vaccine Continuity Plan, 4-step process, infographic

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