The Touching Journey of Infection Control

The Stakes are High

2020 was a year of infection control focus. We don’t look at our environment in the same way. As senior care providers, we have lived through Focused Infection Control Surveys, Federal, State and County policy changes, and we have continued to strengthen our infection control practices.  What we once excelled at has led to more stringent eyes on everything in our environment.

Now, providers are bracing for the return of standard inspections and the stakes are high as they face brisk infection control surveys.

Infection Control Resources

Surveillance monitoring is of utmost importance. Providers should be reviewing their environment for compliant infection control practices. We’ve made this easy for you with this Infection Control Audit. If you mark “no” to any of these questions, it may be time for in-servicing to address areas that are not in compliance.

Additionally, Patti Garibaldi, Director of Clinical Consulting is diving deep into Infection Control at upcoming conferences. Sign up for her sessions and earn CEUs for attending. She’ll share more resources, exclusively for attendees.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Audit your environment for compliant infection control practices.
  2. Utilize root cause analysis when infections occur and develop process improvement plans.
  3. Develop an infection control team approach with your Infection Preventionist and the interdisciplinary staff team.

Don’t wait! Keep your facility safe and prepare for survey with a focus on infection control.

Download the Infection Control Audit checklist.

COVID-19 Infection Prevention Daily Audit Tool