Teri Ferreira Named Rodney D. Shafer Award Winner

The Washington State Pharmacy Association recently announced that Teri Ferreira was named the winner of their Rodney D. Shafer Award. Teri, the General Manager for Consonus Healthcare, lead Long Term Care (LTC) Pharmacy owners and operators in the creation and passage of SB6203. Teri pulled in WHCA and WSPA in addition to financial backers to get this done, involving a lot of people, money and personal time. SB6203 recognized that the current statutes and rules were outdated and did not reflect the current standard of practice in LTC as well as into the future. The bill paved the way for rule-making to ensure LTC patients receive safe and timely access to medication services. Without this legislative effort, the LTC Pharmacies would have been forced to  conform to rules that did not reflect LTC pharmacy practice which would have caused unnecessary delay in care to our seniors. Congratulations, Teri!