Teri Ferreira Appointed to Pharmacy Quality Assurance Commission

Governor Jay Inslee appointed long-time WHCA member Teri Ferreira, to the Washington State Pharmacy Quality Assurance Commission (PQAC) on January 28 for a term that will run through 2020. Teri is the general manager for Consonus Pharmacy, located in Redmond. With over 5,000 pharmacy clients in Washington state long term care facilities, Teri’s expertise is particularly important in relation matters concerning pharmacies in the long term care industry. Teri has been instrumental in helping inform stakeholder work related to development of LTC pharmacy standards, and was in Olympia on January 19, when she testified in support of SB 6203, priority legislation for WHCA.

Commented Teri: “Until my appointment, the commission did not include any members from the Long Term Care industry. If it passes, SB 6203 will require rule making activity by the commission. With my LTC pharmacy practice expertise and experience, I can help guide the commission to develop safe policy direction for the seniors we serve in the state of WA residing in LTC facilities.”