First Clinics for Long-awaited COVID-19 Vaccine

Consonus administered the long-awaited COVID-19 vaccine Monday to more than 800 residents and staff at seven facilities in Oregon, Washington and Nevada. Seeing the first doses administered Monday was “incredibly emotional,” according to Marquis CEO Phil Fogg, Jr. “To see those first vaccines get administered is incredible,” Fogg told SHN. “You have hope that there will be an end to this nightmare.”

Overall, Fogg says there has been good adoption among residents in consenting to take the Covid-19 vaccine. He also estimates that about 73% of the company’s associates had consented to receiving the vaccine. But Fogg believes that more people will choose to get vaccinated once they see the process is safe, and as public health efforts kick into gear.

“Consent rates are at risk for being lower because people want to see what happens with it,” Fogg said. “I also think that the federal government is going to get pretty aggressive very quickly in supporting the vaccine with public service announcements and other things.”

In the coming weeks, each Marquis community is slated to hold three on-site clinic visits with Consonus. And Fogg is hopeful that the vaccinations are the first step in the long road to recovery for the industry and the country.

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