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PDPM: Top 3 Things Providers Can Do Now

Phil Fogg, CEO of Consonus Healthcare, sits down with NRC Health to discuss the latest things providers should be focused on around PDPM.

The largest reimbursement change in 20 years is here. PDPM is in effect. There will be winners and losers under this new reimbursement system. What can providers do now in order to succeed? Join Phil Fogg, President and CEO of Marquis Companies and Consonus Healthcare, as he guides us through Medicare reimbursement history and identifies the top three things providers should be focused on now.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand Medicare reimbursement history and how we got to PDPM.
  • Identify the top three things providers should be focused on in order to succeed under PDPM.
  • Review best practice workflows for the team to work together with resource tools to capture the right primary diagnosis for the patient.

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