Foresight and Flexibility the Keys to COVID-19 Survival

James M. Berklan from McKnight’s Long Term Care News writes an update on COVID-19 survival techniques, based on discussions and webinar education from Phil Fogg, Jr.

With clinical, regulatory and financial conditions shifting almost day-to-day, providers must be confident enough to devise a well-educated plan and run with it. They should expect to tweak it as needed, said Phil Fogg Jr., president and CEO of Marquis Companies and Consonus Healthcare.

“We have to stay focused, always keeping our eyes forward,” said Fogg during a recent McKnight’s Online Forum session titled “Navigating COVID-19 Best Practices, Healthcare Heroes and Future Landscape.” “We’ve responded to the crisis and gotten through that. That was the first six weeks of this thing. Now, we have to be constantly thinking two to four weeks ahead. You don’t want to get four weeks ahead and wish you had done something two to four weeks ago.”

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