Pharmacy Vaccination Appointments

Marquis and its subsidiary Consonus Pharmacy were part of the joint effort with Walgreens and CVS to vaccinate senior living communities in Oregon and Washington. Consonus is about to wrap up its third and final round of vaccination clinics.

So far, 82% of Fogg’s staff and 90% of long-term care residents have been registered for or received vaccination. National CDC data show this contrasts with only 38% of senior living staff and 78% of residents.

Fogg said his team focused on transparency to dispel vaccine hesitancy.

“We decided to really focus on the people that just were nervous and had concerns.” Fogg said. “Gave them as much information as possible so they could make informed decisions.”

Fogg said early signs show vaccines are working.

“We know it because we’re testing [for COVID] so frequently,” he explained.

He echoed many other experts, saying the bigger challenge in vaccinating the general public is vaccine supply.

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