#GetVaccinated: A COVID-19 Vaccine Confidence Builder Toolkit

COVID-19 vaccine confidence is lacking across the nation, specifically with staff in long term care. As an approved and trusted provider of the COVID-19 vaccine by the CDC, Consonus Pharmacy has made it a mission to provide unbiased education about the vaccine.  According to the CDC, the average long term care staff vaccine participation rate is only 38%. This may be due to a lack of understanding. The vaccines represent the most important step toward putting us back on the road to recovery and will have a cascading impact as we move forward. Though, in order to proceed toward a reopening plan, it starts with vaccine participation. That’s why we launched our #GetVaccinated campaign.

After all, vaccines do not save lives, vaccinations do.

Consonus Healthcare’s parent company is Marquis, a senior care provider and a Consonus customer. Because of this, we’re able to test campaigns with the Marquis audiences and then share our trials and successes with our customers to equip them with best practices. To that end, we understand there may be unique vaccine confidence builder scenarios. This toolkit is set up to outline possible scenarios, audiences, and resources to encourage vaccinations.

Toolkit includes:

• Vaccination Personas: uncovering four personas in varying stages of the decision-making process and identifying the content types that will resonate with them.
• Marquis Companies Case Study: a successful case study explaining how a senior care provider was able to increase staff vaccine participation rate to 82%.
• Sample Campaign Resources: a variety of content types to reach personas and meet them where they are on their decision-making journey.


Download the #GetVaccinated Toolkit


COVID-19 Vaccine Confidence Builder Toolkit

We hope this toolkit builds confidence for those considering getting the COVID-19 vaccine. View additional COVID-19 resources.