COVID-19 Media Plan: A Toolkit to Get You Started

What’s your COVID-19 Media Plan?
A tooklit to get you started

Today, we are faced with the reality that if there is a COVID-19 case in a hospital, it’s a statistic, but in a skilled nursing facility, it’s a story. In addition, media inquiries are frequent as reporters are searching for COVID-19 headlines and stories. The goal is to stay out of the headlines while providing relevant and accurate information. If a reporter is interested in your facility, the next goal is to evaluate the inquiry, identify the best response strategy and process, and respond in a timely manner. In an ideal world, the responsibility of managing media could be centralized, when possible, so facility management can stay focused on staff and resident safety. Like you, we’ve been faced with countless media inquiries and we’re sharing the toolkit and plan we implemented to navigate these challenging times. Click the link below to view the toolkit!

Covid-19 Media Plan Toolkit