Consonus Rehab: Your Proven Partner

Who is Consonus Rehab? Why are they the best partner during the COVID-19 crisis?

Consonus Rehab is a contract therapy company that focuses on making your residents and your business stronger by creating efficiencies of outcomes and utilizing data analytics to track real-time results.

On the heels of the PDPM transition, the COVID-19 pandemic has tested the senior care industry in ways we would have never imagined. There’s no playbook for the unprecedented times.

Consonus Rehab is not just another vendor — we’re a partner.

With Marquis Companies as our parent company and Phil Fogg as our CEO and Vice Chair of American Health Care Association, Consonus Rehab views COVID-19 from a uniquely qualified lens and shares best practices with customers.

View the flyer and watch the video to learn how Consonus Rehab has demonstrated resilience, adapted to uncertainties, effectively managed staffing models, and maintained focus on patient outcomes during the COVID-19 crisis.

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