Consonus Pharmacy Approved for COVID-19 Vaccine Distribution

CDC Approves Consonus Pharmacy for COVID-19 Phase 1 Vaccine Distribution

Recently, we’ve all been on the receiving end of a lot of great news about COVID-19 vaccines. Here at Consonus, we’re pouring our heart, soul, and all possible resources into being ready to move rapidly for you when a vaccine is available.

In today’s video update, Neil Marshall, President of Consonus Pharmacy, shares the latest news and answers common questions, including:

– What does it mean to be a CDC-approved provider?
– What role will the states play in distribution?
– How are we getting ready and what should you expect?
– When will distribution begin?

You’re already hearing a lot about vaccine status and timelines in the media, but we suggest you look to Consonus – as you always have – for absolutely trustworthy information that is specific to the senior care industry.

Please take time now to watch the important video update below.

Stay Tuned 

You can expect frequent updates whenever the situation changes and as conjecture becomes fact. We’ll be providing a series of follow-up communication and videos that will drill down into the specifics.

Thank you for your confidence and trust in Consonus. There is nothing more meaningful or important to us over the next few months than working together to bring this life-saving vaccine to your residents and staff as quickly and safely as possible.