Is my medication management system efficient and safe? I’m worried my errors are too high and I’m risking compliance and patient safety.

Consonus Pharmacy has proven Patient Safety and Medication Management protocols and training programs to streamline your medication pass and put you back in control.

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According to the Annuals of Long Term Care (2008), it is estimated there are


medical errors in Nursing Homes annually.

In a study of 25 LTC facilities (23 reporting) done by Cecil G Sheps Center for Health Services Research, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, researchers found:

Of 631 errors reported and 2731 total errors,


occurred during administration.


Alarming statistics like these have resulted in stringent regulatory mandates including the CMS "Mega Rule" and CDC Core Elements of Antibiotic Stewardship, making the need for an infection evaluation assessment critically important.

That is why we have created an assessment tool that:

  • Assesses and documents signs & symptoms of infections
  • Provides cues to nursing staff when transmission-based precautions are indicated
  • Documents nurse-verified organism susceptible to the antibiotic ordered by the prescriber
  • Evaluated the least restrictive transmission-based precautions
  • Assesses and plans for preventing reoccurence
  • Collects data that can be accessed for infection surveillance

LEAN healthcare principles

Consonus applies LEAN healthcare principles to manage costs and increase patient safety and quality of care.

why lean management?

Improvements have refined work flow and improved employee and customer satisfaction.

We partner with caregivers to understand their processes and collaborate on improvement efforts.

Our work is defined, standardized and tuned to prevent defects.

Consonus is a National LEAN leader in our industry and one of the first pharmacies in the country to apply LEAN principles.

Our patient-centric label is designed for your operations, not ours.

Your Partner in Patient Care

Consultant nurses can assist with the following


  • Medication Storage and Handling
  • Medication Pass Observation
  • Medication Administration Audit (Paper/Electronic)
  • Controlled Medication Audit
  • MAR/Physician Order/Label Randomized Audit
  • Process Improvement
  • Train the Trainer Medication Pass Observation
  • Medication System Overview
Consultant nurses can assist with the following

Education In-Services:

  • Pharmacy Policy and Procedure
  • Medication Pass 101
  • Controlled Medications: Being Accountable
  • Medication Errors
  • MAR Documentation
  • Other topics as needed related to the medication pass/systems

Patient safety and medication management protocols put you back in control.