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Consonus Co-Pilot is equipped with 4 reports, designed to guide teams on proper documentation to avoid missed opportunities under PDPM reimbursement.*

  1. PDPM ESTIMATOR: Pre-admission
    A calculator to help guide teams to analyze a patient before they are accepted into the building. This tool estimates how much you will be reimbursed based on this patient’s characteristics under PDPM.


  1. PD3 CROSS-CHECK: Admission (day 1-7)
    A resource designed to guide teams through the documentation and data collection process for all patients being reimbursed under the new PDPM system. This tool creates an action item checklist to help capture appropriate reimbursement. This technology supports the team’s decision-making process prior to coding the MDS.


  1. PDPM ANALYZER: Admissions (ARD date + 7 days)
    A tool designed to take the data gathered before submitting the MDS and looking for possible gaps. This looks at locked, but not submitted MDS assessments, and provides a high level overview for possible missed opportunities. Report coming soon.


  1. PDPM AUDITOR: After Discharge
    A visual designed to provide insight into the financial implications of a RUG claim moved into PDPM. This tool examines submitted MDS claims and shows what would have happened with those RUG claims under the PDPM reimbursement system. This reflects the old reimbursement system, shifting to the new reimbursement system. The PDPM Auditor helps you manage revenues and identify any missed opportunities during the transition from RUGs to PDPM.


*Disclaimer: these Co-Pilot reports are built to support and guide teams through the documentation and coding process. The tools provide recommendations based on data collected but it is up to the teams to make final decisions.